Brent Campanelli, a commercial director based in Los Angeles & New York who specializes in high-speed, action-packed, and thought provoking content. Growing up performing in bands led to a passion for storytelling through music videos, sports docu’s, and fashion editorials. Playing music helped shaped his distinct rhythmic editing style, and then cinematography turned into directing full-time. Brent's portfolio includes collaborations with top brands like Toyota, The North Face, Royal Caribbean, McDonald’s, MTV, and Pepsi. Leading in both production and brand strategy, he continues to deliver impactful content, pushing creative boundaries and shaping brand narratives with his innovative approach.
 Living out his dream as a director, Brent continues to push boundaries and create impactful, positive experiences for brands & music labels, his unwavering dedication and innovative spirit driving him to consistently deliver hits that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.

Brent Campanelli

Commercial - INTL (Outside US)
Equals MGMT
Scott Pugnetti 

Music Video - US Director Representation
Las Bandas Be Brave
Jen Herrera