Brent Campanelli is a film director whose work includes commercial, music video, fashion, & documentary. Growing up filming action sports like skateboarding & snowboarding he fell in love with creating HIGH-SPEED, stimulating, in-your-face content.
Today, he share’s that same excitement delivering content for brands including H&M, Macy’s, MTV, McDonald’s and Pepsi working with top talent around the world. Known for bringing a positive, energetic spirit to every set and striving to create a safe & healthy work environment for all talent + crew.
With a strong background in cinematography and a degree from Emerson College in post-production, Brent leads in both a production and an agency/brand ecosystem. Living his dream as a director, he continues to create hits for brands.
H&M, Macy's, MTV, Nickelodeon, Mcdonald's, Pepsi, A&W, Walmart, Aveeno, MilkBone, Thermador, Red Bull
Columbia Records, Sony Music, Warner Music Group, Elektra Records, MOM + POP Records, Capitol Records, RCA, AWAL, Universal Music Group
Brent Campanelli
LA | NY 
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